About Us

Who We Are

Al Rihla for Tourism, is a company that provides authentic experiences from a spirited and experienced team. We guarantee that each experience is bound to be enriching, fun-filled and inspiring. You can expect an array of activities such as a variety of local and international tours, exclusive and first of its kind retreat events, sporting and recreational expeditions, and an exclusive program for special needs persons.

We pride ourselves on providing professionalism and great quality while incorporating a health, wellness and fitness ethos. Al Rihla brings a new and unique concept to life by showcasing the true essence of Qatari culture, diversity, history and most certainly our great hospitality, in a kid-friendly, zero waste and eco-friendly environment. A unique opportunity to explore, experience and energize.

Our Values


Collaboration connects us. There’s no problem so tough that we can’t tackle it together. Working as a team, we harness the wisdom (and energy!) of the crowd and collaboration with Qatari businesses to create a great impact on the economy.

Action With Purpose

We embrace change and foster innovation. Our creativity and drive are positively contagious – and they get results.

We Do What’s Right

We operate openly and foster transparency. Our team members, clients and communities will always know where we stand.

We Give Our Best​

Passion powers us. We believe the only way to do great work is to love what you do. We’re inspired by the people and places around us.

We Feed the Future

When we give others the tools, skills and opportunities to succeed, they flourish. When we give ourselves the same, we’re unstoppable.

About Our Team


This individual portrays nothing but the power of a strong woman. Having drawn strength from
difficult situations in life, this mother of three believes in women empowerment and aiming for
nothing but the best. Her vision of creating a unique company in Qatar has been the basis of Al
Rihla since day one. With her background in marketing and business practiced internationally,
as well as her knowledge of fitness and wellness, she brings to Al Rihla new and fresh ideas
with a French twist. A go-getter for sure!

This young mother of 3 has spread her wings wide over the years from down in Africa all the
way to the Qatari desert in the middle east. The daughter of an aviator, she didn’t fall far from the apple tree and fell in love with travel, aviation and adventure. Having experience in travel,
tourism, aviation, and five star customer service, has given her a great advantage in her role
with Al Rihla. Her continuing interest in nutrition has also complimented the Al Rihla ethos of
health, wellness and fitness.



He is nothing short of an influential young personality and a man of many talents. His interest in travel, experience of various cultures and ability to portray the values of Al Rihla so well is
remarkable. His passion to discover global cultures and learn more about them have driven him to visit over 74 different countries around the continent and document his adventures. His
ultimate vision: promoting culture worldwide.

Join us on an epic adventure!